Rašić + Vrabec

Full service creative agency.

We are a team of experts in Design for Museums and Brands that want to become a state of Art. 

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How we do it:

We are design partners, in every sense of the word.
As a full service we are active in different creative sectors such as: advertising, branding, exhibitions, print, publishing, web, apps, photography, architecture and art. Our team is made up of designers Vedrana Vrabec & Marko Rašić + expert collaborators for different projects + great clients.

Learn + Create + Inspire.
Our creation process is very simple. First we listen, learn and get to know our clients and their brands. We consider our clients as partners. In that way creation process is much more fun and what is most important insights and goals become deeper and honest.

Inspiration comes from Trust and Good preparation.
Every good brand or design in its core has something that inspires people. Inspires them to use it, buy it or just to connect through experience.

Our approach is Holistic.
Holistic means that you have to look on things in many different perspectives and also to act simultaneously on multiple levels. That’s why we integrate art, design and music in all of our projects. With more than ten years of experience we have worked on many corporate and cultural projects. That’s why one of our specialties is a museum exhibition design which is based on interactivity and multimedia.

We are also here to Help you.
To help you achieve your dream by creating a project together from the day one.

What we do:

Art Direction + Design
Art Installations
Branding + Identity
Book + Editorial Design
Design Consultancy
Concept Development
Curation + Event Design
Environmental Design
Exhibition + Museum Design
Experience Design
Interactive Installations
Interior Design
Lettering + Naming
Print + Books
Packaging + Product Design
Spatial Design + Signage
Visual Identity + Typeface Design
Web + Apps Design


Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019, Berlin
Centar European Startup Awards 2017, Zagreb
Pokreni nešto svoje 2017, Zagreb
Startup Factory Zagreb 2016, best innovative touristic project
Croatian Museum Association 2015, award, Zagreb

Art Directors Club Croatia 2013, Gold, Zagreb, Croatia
Society for Environmental Graphic Design 2011, Honor award, Canada
Art Directors Club Croatia 2011, Silver & bronze cube, Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian Museum Association 2010, exhibition project of the year, Zagreb
Croatia Designers Society 2010, Merit, Zagreb, Croatia
Art Directors Club Croatia 2010, 2 gold & 3 silver awards, Zagreb, Croatia
European Design Festival 2009, Silver and bronze award, Zurich, Switzerland
Graphis design 2010, Gold, New York, USA
Slavonian Biennale, Ex aequo, Osijek
The One Show Design, Silver award & 3 Merits, New York, USA
Art Directors Club Awards 86th, New York, USA
D&AD Global Awards 2007, Merit, London, United Kingdom
Graphis Poster 2007, 2 Golds, New York, 2007
FESTO, 2007, 2 Bronze, Opatija, Croatia


Introduction to Graphic Design, Aaris Sherin, Bloomsbury, London, 2017
Lettering Large: The Art and Design of Monumental Typography,
Steven Heller & Mirko Ilić, 2014

Design Elements,Using images to create graphic impact,
Aaris Sherin, Rockport, 2013

NOVUM, World of graphic design, 9/2011
Croatian Design Review 0910
Culture Show, LinksBooks, Barcelona, Spain, 2010
Art Directors Club of Europe Winner Annual 2010
Supergraphics — Transforming Space (Graphic Design for Walls, Buildings and Spaces), UnitEditions
Graphis design 2010, New York, USA
This Way Please, Guangzhou, China, 2009
European Design Festival Annual 2009, Zurich, Switzerland
Gallery Magazine, Fremont, USA, 2009
Boxed & Labelled, Berlin, Germany, 2009
Etapes, Paris, France, 2009
Slavonian Biennale, 2008, Osijek, Croatia
Croatian Design Rreview 0708, Zagreb, Croatia
Graphis Poster 2007, New York, USA
The One Show Design Annual, New York, USA
Art Directors Club Annual 86th, New York, USA
D&AD Global Awards ANNUAL 2007, London
Design Matters, Rockport, USA, 2007
PRINT’s A+C=D Business Graphics Review, USA, 2007
FESTO, Opatija, Hrvatska, 2007

Group Exhibitions

Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019, Ewerk, Berlin
Croatian Design Exhibition 1314, Zagreb, Croatia

Croatian Design Exhibition 0910, Zagreb, Croatia
Museum of Street Art (Muzej ulične umjetnosti – MUU), 2010 (Branimirova street)
Slavonian Biennale, Osijek, Croatia
Croatian Design Exhibition 0708
The One Show Design, New York, 2007
Art Directors Club Awards 86th, 2007
FESTO, Opatija, Hrvatska, 2007
Festival prvih (Reklamokracija), Zagreb Film Festival, 2003